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    Our Mission and Philosophy

    Our vision and mission position us to be a diverse and inclusive community of learners providing resources, tools, and strategies for effective leadership, preparing humans to engage in prophetic and transformative ministry and promoting love and respect for Creator and creation throughout the cities of the world. We are committed now more than ever to prepare faith and thought leaders to engage relevant, restorative, and revolutionary ministry.

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    Departments and Programs

    New York Theological Seminary offers program options designed to best serve a diverse student body which reflects a variety of professional, vocational, intellectual, and personal goals. At NYTS, you can complete your certificate or master’s degree (except for the MPS offered inside Sing Sing), and most of your doctoral degrees online. Students are admitted without discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, or orientation, and represent a broad range of denominations, theological views, and cultural traditions.

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    Costs and Financial Aid

    Financing your seminary education is no small task. Each person’s financial situation is unique and the Financial Aid Office is prepared to help you navigate the many options available to fund your education. New York Theological Seminary’s financial aid program includes scholarships, loans and work-study programs. The cost of a seminary education includes books, supplies, transportation and personal expenses. Many students rely on a combination of scholarships, student loans, and payment plans to finance their education.

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    Great Career Outcomes

    NYTS seeks to assist students in determining where their call is taking them and focuses on giving them the tools to reach their goals. We encourage you to speak to one of our career advisers to chart a path for your work in ministry or service.

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