Book Reviews on Dr. Obery Hendricks “The Universe Bends Towards Justice”

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Book Description (Orbis Books Description)
The author of The Politics of Jesus provides prophetic critiques of American religion and society that are sure to provoke debate in religious and political circles.

In these passionate and wide-ranging essays Obery Hendricks offers a challenging engagement with spirituality, economics, politics, contemporary Christianity, and the abuses committed in its name. Among his themes: the gap between the spirituality of the church and the spirituality of Jesus; the ways in which contemporary versions of gospel music “sensationalize” today’s churches into social and political irrelevance; how the economic principles and policies espoused by the religious right betray the most basic principles of biblical tradition they claim to hold dear; and the domestication of Martin Luther King’s message to foster a political complacency that dishonors King’s sacrifices.

Hendricks concludes with a stinging rebuke of the religious right’s idolatrous “patriotism” in a radical manifesto for those who would practice “the politics of Jesus” in the public sphere.






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