April 2, 2013: Book Tour Launch: New York Theological Seminary is On God’s Side with Jim Wallis

Book Cover - On God's Side by Jim Wallis New York Times best-selling author Jim Wallis thinks our life together can be better. In his latest book, On God’s Side: What Religion Forgets and Politics Hasn’t Learned About Serving the Common Good (Brazos Press, 2013), Jim shows us how to reclaim Jesus’ ancient and compelling vision of the common good—a vision that impacts and inspires not only our politics but also our personal lives, families, churches, neighborhoods, and world. He thinks it’s time to ask what it means to be on God’s side, rather than claim God to be on ours.

On Tuesday, April 2, at 7:00 PM, Jim Wallis will share his vision for the common good at an event hosted by the Micah Institute at New York Theological Seminary (NYTS) in the Chapel of the Interchurch Center (475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115). This is the first event of Jim’s official book tour. Following Jim’s presentation, a panel of respondents will give their reaction to Jim’s talk and share their unique perspective on the common good. Respondents include: Dr. Obery Hendricks, well-known religious commentator and Professor of Biblical Interpretation at NYTS; Onleilove Alston, Faith Based Organizing Associate at the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agency; and Alexie Torres-Fleming, Executive Director of the Micah Institute at New York Theological Seminary and Director of the Resource Center for Women in Ministry.

Jim will also present the Rev. Darren Ferguson, NYTS alum and Pastor at Mount Carmel Baptist Church in Far Rockaway, New York with the Amos Award given to a person from humble beginnings who becomes a prophet of justice. The award was originally presented to Rev. Ferguson in 2002 by Call to Renewal (former sister organization of Sojourners). It is being re-awarded to Rev. Ferguson after being lost last year in super-storm Sandy. A book signing will occur immediately following the discussion. Books will be available for purchase onsite.

About New York Theological Seminary

New York Theological Seminary (NYTS) has long been recognized for its innovative programs, its pioneering spirit, and its commitment to training women and men for ministry in the real world. For more than a century we have been offering theological education that is accessible, inclusive and transformative. We believe that God calls people from all walks of life and that each person has a unique ministry to fulfill. Our task is to help each one discover what that means for you, and to help you prepare for the next stage of your exciting journey of faith. NYTS currently offers a Master of Professional Studies (in Sing Sing only), a Master of Arts in Religious Education, a Master of Arts in Pastoral Care and Counseling, a Master of Divinity, a Doctor of Ministry, and a non-accredited Certificate in Christian ministry. Most of the more than 650 students attending classes in these various programs work full-time and go to school evenings and/or weekends. Instruction is offered in English, Spanish, Korean and French. Graduates have distinguished themselves around the world in a variety of ministries in churches, educational institutions, faith-based organizations, government service, and secular professions. They serve as pastors, bishops, chaplains, teachers, business leaders, university and seminary presidents, executives, lawyers, medical doctors, missionaries, and more. NYTS is often cited as a model for institutions around the world seeking to address the educational needs of those living in urban centers and facing the challenge of contemporary global economic and social context.

About the Micah Institute at NYTS

Inspired by the Hebrew prophet Micah’s call to “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God,” the Micah Institute works alongside faith leaders to fight poverty and injustice. Our three tiered approach is to: EDUCATE: through a Doctor of Ministry Degree Program in Transformational Leadership and Faith-Rooted Organizing; EQUIP: through capacity-building initiatives, educational opportunities and outreach programs; ACT: through the New York City Clergy Network – a multi-faith, multi-ethnic, and multi-cultural network committed to building a movement for a just and sustainable New York City. Alexie Torres-Fleming serves as the Executive Director of the Micah Institute.

Contact: Ms. Alexie Torres-Fleming
Executive Director, The Micah Institute at NYTS
Phone: 212.870.1205


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