Job Posting: Youth Music Director for The Concord Baptist Church of Christ

Job Posting for: The Concord Baptist Church of Christ 

Position: Youth Music Director

Objective: to provide musical leadership to the youth ministries of The Concord Baptist Church of Christ

Concord Church desires to build a choral music program as an integral part of its positive youth development and ministry strategy.  It will be integral to our discipling of our youth working to elevate the spirit and to support young people in discovering spiritual meaning.

  • The Music Program should serve the evolving spiritual needs of the youth.
  • Create connections among all participants, musicians and church members, community – serving as a catalyst for growth and inspiration.
  • The Music Program should welcome all who wish to participate.  It will support the overall efforts of Concord’s Children’s and Youth Ministries to create a nurturing environment that is safe, loving, and supportive, an environment in which young people’s abilities are cultivated to their highest potential.

The Youth Music Director must be someone who has the musical experience, discipline and personal characteristics to engage our young people.

Hours and Responsibilities:

The Youth Music Director position will be on a part time basis over the church year, from September 1st – June 30th. Presence at the church is required as follows:

  • Every First and Third Sunday at 9:00am for 10:00am Sunday morning worship service.
  • Every Friday from 6:30pm to 8:00pm for rehearsals, unless otherwise scheduled.
  • At least one to two meetings per month, as organized by the Youth Pastor for youth ministry planning, etc.
  • Once a month to attend the Concord staff meeting.
  • Occasionally during the church year to facilitate other musical education programs.


  • Rehearses the Youth Choir (open to all youths in grades 7-12) every Friday during the church year (September 1st – June 30th).
  • Prepares and leads Youth Choir as they participate regularly in Sunday morning worship services.
  • Prepares and leads Youth Choir as they participate in scheduled Youth Sunday worship services, fellowship services with sister churches, youth concerts, etc.
  • Conducts the youth choirs during ministry engagements and/or arranges for an accompanist for all ministry engagements.
  • Works with the Youth Pastor to provide meaningful worship opportunities
  • Works with the ministry leaders and others to maintain up-to-date records, including youth member database and attendance.
  • In collaboration with the Youth Pastor selects, orders, and maintains a library of music for the youth choir program.
  • Works with the Youth Pastor to communicate with the Senior Pastor, pastors, congregation, parents and guardians on a regular basis to keep them apprised of what’s happening in the youth choir.
  • Responds to concerns of youth and their parents in a timely and sensitive manner.
  • Coordinates parent volunteers to help with logistics as necessary.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Strong keyboard and vocal skills
  • Church music experience preferred
  • Ability to work effectively and sensitively with children and youth in a group setting
  • A variety of musical experiences and interests
  • Experience in choral singing
  • Experience recruiting and working with volunteers
  • Knowledge of vocal technique for young singers
  • Able to establish clear boundaries and maintain high expectations in a positive way with children and youth
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and electronic
  • Demonstrates collegiality
  • Communicates well with parents
  • Encourages all kinds of musicality in children and youth

Salary, Benefits, Reporting Relationship

The position is on a part time basis over eleven months of the year, from September thru June and has a salary of $1,000 per month. The Youth Music Director reports to the Youth Pastor.


Please send cover letter and resume with (3) references to:

Minister Shakeema North

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