Installation Celebration for NYTS Alumna Rev. Dr. Betty Spencer (MDiv 1992)


NYTS Alumna,  Rev. Dr. Betty A. Spencer (MDiv 1992), will be installed as Pastor of the Lowly Nazarene Baptist Church on Sunday, September 27. Services will be held  at 6:30 p.m. at the Union Baptist Church, 240 West 145th Street in Harlem. The  Rev. Dr. Carl L. Washington, Jr. will be the preacher.

Pre-installation celebrations will be held at Lowly Nazarene, 844 Gerard Avenue, Bronx, from Tuesday-Friday at 7 p.m. Rev. Dr. J.G. McCann and the St. Luke family are on Tuesday; Rev. Kevin Quarles and the Whosoever Will family join her on Wednesday; Rev. Dr. Renee F. Washington Gardner and the Memorial family are there on Thursday, and Rev. Calvin Owens and the Community Protestant Baptist Church close out on Friday.

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