“I Am NYTS” Student Stories” – Hyo June Lim, Current MDiv Student

Hyo June Lim, Current MDiv Student

After finishing my degree at Keimyung University in Korea, I decided to enter New York Theological Seminary. Studying abroad was an exciting decision, which filled me with passion and anticipation for delivering the gospel. Although it required the courage to familiarize myself with a new environment and language; I was certain that God would provide and protect me through my academic journey.

Prior to arriving, I had heard that many people in New York City didn’t believe in God and about the difficulty faced when delivering the gospel to their closed hearts. I believe that God placed me in this busy and hectic city with a plan for those who are waiting for God’s words. God instructs me on what I have to do and confirms why I am here.

Every moment is precious at NYTS – the leader of the urban ministry. The seminary is equipping me for this great ministry challenge. To glorify God, give thanks, study hard and deliver the good news of Christ. Currently, I serve in the Manhattan Korean Presbyterian Church as an Assistant Pastor. I also serve as the president of Korean Student Union at NYTS. We gather once a week to pray and praise God. We also support Korean students wholeheartedly.

There are many international students who study at NYTS under hardship but the school provides academic support and scholarships opportunities. I deeply appreciate NYTS for those opportunities given to students similar to myself transitioning into this new environment and great opportunity.

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