Partner Churches

New York Theological Seminary was one of the first non-denominational seminaries in North America.  From the days the Seminary first opened its doors, it has been open to people from every denomination.  In carrying out its mission, the Seminary has always been closely related to churches and other communities of faith, especially those in the city who are in need of quality resources for theological learning and building capacities for more effective ministries.  NYTS admits women and men who are called to leadership in churches and other faith communities.  In turn, it depends upon those churches and other faith communities to be the key partners in carrying out its mission and vision.  These are the Seminary’s Partner Churches.

What is a Partner Church?  A Partner Church is any church, judicatory body, or other religious community that identifies itself as being a part of the Seminary’s wider network of supporting institutions and is willing to collaborate with the Seminary by

  • inviting the President or another member of the Seminary’s faculty to preach
  • inviting a member of the faculty to lead a workshop or adult education forum
  • serving as a site for Supervised Ministry
  • providing in-kind services as needed such as hosting a workshop or conference
  • co-sponsoring a conference or workshop being offered by the Seminary
  • remembering the Seminary on a regular basis with prayer and encouragement
  • supporting the Seminary with a financial gift
  • helping one or more students with scholarship assistance
  • joining with other NYTS-related community organizations

In addition to attending conferences, public lectures, and other such events, pastors and members of Partner Churches are invited to attend select courses at NYTS at a reduced cost for continuing education.  Such courses are identified by the Academic Dean each year in the curriculum, and are subject to additional restrictions such as availability of space.  An individual seeking to sit in on a course under this arrangement simply identifies himself or herself as a member of a Partner Church at the time of registration and pays the reduced fee.

For further information contact
Partner Church Program
Office of Development and Institutional Advancement
New York Theological Seminary
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 500
New York, NY 10115
(212) 870-1211

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