Educational Effectiveness – Our Ethos

New York Theological Seminary trains students for faith-based ministries in the city and throughout the world. At NYTS, education is a dialogical, a series of deep conversations moving back and forth between teacher and student, history and the present, action and reflection. Through this process, questions and concerns from real‑life experiences (both individual and collective) are brought into dialogue with the historical disciplines of theological study. Students are simultaneously grounded in historical Christian thought and launched to apply their education in the contemporary world.

Education for Ministry: Our Perspective

A dialogue that engages the Bible

A dialogue that is grounded in respect, divinity and our diversity

A dialogue that is interdisciplinary

A dialogue that is evangelical, ecumenical, and increasingly multi-faith

A dialogue that honestly addresses sin in all its systemic, institutional and spiritual manifestations

A dialogue with the real presence of God in our city and the world