Rev. Dr. Humberto Alfaro

Rev. Dr. Humberto Alfaro

Professor of Practical Theology, NYTS

Director of the Center for Pentecostal Leadership, NYTS

Non-NYTS Affiliation(s)/Position(s)

  • Ordained Bishop, Church of God, Cleveland, TN
  • Member of the Executive Board, NHR, Church of God, Cleveland, TN
  • Chair Educational Board, NHR, Church of God, Cleveland, TN
  • Director of the Center for Discipleship, NHR, Church of God, Cleveland, TN

Educational Background

  • DMin New York Theological Seminary
  • MARE Eastern Baptist (Palmer) Theological Seminary
  • BA Centro de Teología Practica

Religious Affiliation

  • Church of God, Cleveland, TN

The Rev. Dr. Humberto Alfaro is Professor of Practical Theology at NYTS. He earned his Doctor of Ministry from NYTS, and has been a member of the Seminary’s faculty since 1992. Dr. Alfaro’s research and teaching interests focus on spirituality studies with an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches to social transformation and prophetic spiritual formation, spiritual vocational discernment, spiritual autobiography, and spiritual renewal and how those spiritual movements can be conveyed for the good of the community, concentrating on such matters as social and ecological wellbeing, racism, teaching for freedom, and youth empowerment in diverse contemporary contexts. At NYTS he teaches courses in Critical Interpretation and Ministry in a Spiraling Global Digital Culture; Ignatian Spirituality: Finding God’s Will For Better Decision Making; Spiritual Audacity: The Practice of the Presence of God; Discernment: Understanding What the Spirit is Saying in the Signs of Daily Life; Theosis: The Possibility, Path and Vertigo of the Divine Nature; Prophetic Spiritual Formation in the Context of the Global Digital Culture. Dr. Alfaro is the founder and director of the Center for Pentecostal Leadership at NYTS. The main purpose of the CPL is to nurture a relationship between NYTS and Pentecostal and Charismatic churches inside and outside of NY, providing a forum for prophetic learning. Dr. Alfaro has lectured and preached throughout the world in universities and ecclesiastical communities, receiving numerous awards for his educational contributions. He is a highly sought preacher, pastoral teacher, and ministry consultant for various religious and educational organizations inside and outside the USA.

Rev. Dr. Humberto Alfaro
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