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NYTS Application Form

As of March 9, 2016, there is one application for admission to all academic programs of New York Theological Seminary. (With the exception of CPE). Applications can be submitted as follows:

1. Print the application and fill it out.

2a. Return the application and all supporting documentation by sending it to:

Dr. Yvonne Salaman
New York Theological Seminary
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 500
New York, NY 10115

2b. You can also submit your application by scanning the documents and emailing them to (Only the PDF format will be accepted.)


1. Download the PDF and save it to your computer.

2. Open the application using Adobe Acrobat and fill out the form as prompted.

3. Save the application and supporting documentation and email them to at (Only the PDF format will be accepted.)

Download the Application form here. (Revised 6-19-19)

NYTS Academic Programs Brochure (Revised 4-25-19)


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If you have questions about application requirements, please contact Ms. Adriane Hill at the Office of Vocational Discernment at 212-870-1212.

Prospective students are encouraged to submit their application before the beginning of the school semester to receive priority scholarship offerings provided by the School. However, students can submit their application after the school year and will be considered for acceptance as space is available.  Available scholarships will still be offered to eligible students after the priority deadline.


Non-Discrimination Policy
Admission is available equally to all applicants without regard to race, sex, age, religious tradition, national origin, physical disability or sexual orientation. Admission is dependent upon the strength of the applicant’s academic record, personal qualifications, professional goals and a demonstrated commitment to learning in a theological community. Applicants with disabilities are requested to contact the Office of Admission as early as possible in order to alert the institution about disabilities for which they may want accommodations. Requests for reasonable accommodations will be considered on an individual basis.


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